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Product Name:F01 Strut Mount
OE: 3130 6795 081

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      F01 Strut Mount OE: 3130 6795 081,Brand quality and guarantee,one year warranty,most competitive offers,large stocks and quick delivery,small quantity can be accepted,Email:admin@bmtsr.com
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    F01 Strut Mount OE: 3130 6795 081 

    Weight: 0.49 kg

    Inner Diameter: 14 mm

    Material: Aluminium 

    Thickness/Strength: 47 mm

    Fitting Position: Front Axle left and right  

    Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info 2: without ball bearing 

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    strut mount

    strut mount 

    strut mount

    strut mount 



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    OE: 3130 6795 081
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