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Product Name:F20 Brake Pad
OE: 3411 6850 568

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      F20 Brake Pad OE: 3411 6850 568, top quality brake pad for BMW, low-noise, low-dust, heavy metal and asbestos free, work perfectly at high/low temperature, superior recovery and less abrasion, competitive price, brand packing & OEM packing, smooth and comfortable driving experience, admin@bmtsr.com
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    Length 2: 156.8 mm

    Height 1: 61.7 mm

    Height 2: 61.7 mm

    Wear Warning Contact: prepared for wear indicator

    Thickness/Strength 1: 18.2 mm

    Thickness/Strength 2: 18.2 mm

    Length 1: 155.8 mm

    Brake System: Ate

    Fitting Position: Front Axle

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    OE: 3411 6850 568
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