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Product Name:C350 Air Mass Meter
OE: 273 094 08 48

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      C350 Air Mass Meter OE: 273 094 08 48,BMTSR brand of body parts,braking system,ignition system,suspension parts,etc., payment methods available,DHL/ TNT/FEDEX/Air/Sea shipping, Email:admin@bmtsr.com
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    C350 Air Mass Meter OE: 273 094 08 48 

    Height: 125 mm

    Weight: 0.4 kg

    Length: 182 mm

    Width: 165 mm

    product description

    These pictures are of the details of the product, they show the real quality, BMTSR is the

    industry famous brand, Guangzhou Best Auto Parts Company Limited is dedicated to supply

    the best auto parts for BMW and Mercedes Benz and other cars, our company faith is that

    "Best is the best for you!"

    air mass meter

    air mass meter

    air mass meter

    air mass meter



    honor and certificates

    Honor means a lot, Best Auto Parts Co. is making the biggest effort to get more certificates to prove

    ourselves, now we have SGSISOTSAuto Aftermarket and Industry Association and other related

    certificates. Best Auto Parts Co. cares for the technology, not only the virtual honor, so our products

    are beyond the honor, really being suitable for the respect from customers, Best Co. is going towards

    the great honor in the future, and we expect that you join us hand in hand!


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    OE: 273 094 08 48
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